Our Story

We love the beauty industry, but we know that it can be hard to find the skincare you need—especially if you’re looking for natural products or long-term benefits. We built this company to deliver something that we thought was missing: world-class moisturizing and healing products with no additives or chemicals. And we knew just the way to make them, with handmade and skin-loving Fabilous Cacao Butter.




Health. Beauty. Simplicity. Sustainability.
Our values are powerful and direct. They guide everything we do, from the way we’ve built our company to the products we design and the people we work with.
Our products use only 100% natural, pure, raw cacao butter from a single source in Côte d’Ivoire, and are then turned into our simple lip and body scrubs here in the US. Everything we sell has two purposes: to help our customers feel good, and to make their skin and their bodies healthier. The cacao does most of the work for us, thanks to its amazing health benefits, so our job is to present it to you free from any additives, fillers, or unnecessary plastics. (Even our packaging is environmentally friendly, made from quick-growing and renewable bamboo.)



We see a world where skincare is simpler. Where lists of ingredients are short and lists of benefits are long. Where natural, local, and environmentally friendly products are the baseline, not the exception. A world where Fabilous Cacao Butter will be right at home.
For now, we strive to make that world a reality. We keep our prices fair, our products pure and reliable, and our customers happy with exceptional service and incredible results. We look forward to having you join us in our quest to help the beauty industry grow.


Our Mantra

We devote ourselves to surpassing our customers’ expectations, and we think we’ve found the way to do it: by relying on the natural power of sustainable, ethically produced ingredients that work magic all on their own.


We guarantee that every single Fabilous Cacao Butter product is:


  • Sustainable. Cacao is a booming but environmentally friendly product, and doesn’t require the vast growing space that fuels some industries. Using that and a small set of other simple ingredients, plus local labor and expertise, we craft low-impact but high-satisfaction skincare options.

  • Natural. We didn’t hop on the trend toward all-natural products; it’s been part of our guiding philosophy since before we opened our doors. The cornerstone of our whole business model is delivering pure cacao butter, and we use no artificial additives or ingredients. Ever.

  • High Quality. Our business is all about one ingredient: the cacao butter. It’s impossible to express how important our cacao butter is to us. We lovingly obsess over the harvesting, processing, packaging, and shipping of every delivery, and we buy from a single source carefully chosen for its exceptional quality. And the results are exceptional—what we sell is nothing short of a miracle.

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