Medicinal Uses for Cacao Butter

The Medicinal History of Cacao

Throughout history, cacao has been used as a medicine to heal a variety of mental, physical, and spiritual illnesses. Colonial records from the 1500s show that it was used to treat a vast number of ailments, including agitation, asthma, cancer, emaciation, hoarseness, and fever. The Aztecs brewed drinks from cacao and other plants to treat infections and coughs. They also used the strong flavor of cacao to mask the unpleasant taste of other healing ingredients. The Maya used cacao to treat skin rashes, fever, and seizures.

Cacao Butter for Stretch Marks

Today, cacao butter is widely used to help reduce stretch marks that occur from rapid growth, weight gain, and pregnancy. Proponents of using cacao butter for stretch marks say that the nutrients and fatty acids in cacao butter help keep the skin moisturized and promote elasticity. Because cacao butter is natural and plant-based, it is safe for pregnant women.

Cacao Butter for Burns

Anyone who has spent a long time in the sun knows that burns can be painful and the healing process itchy. Cacao butter absorbs into the skin easily, so it can provide quick relief for dry skin caused by burning. Its fatty acids will keep burns protected and the area lubricated. It can also help with the healing process, since it can improve skin elasticity and moisture. A word from the experts: Home treatments should only be used for superficial burns. Seek medical attention for burns that are moderate to severe.

Cacao Butter for Skin Disease

Cacao butter can be an effective topical treatment for skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis, due to its emollient properties. The fatty acids in cacao butter create a layer on the skin. This helps to retain moisture and relieve itchiness and dryness, as well as protect the skin as it heals.

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